Definition Of Yougurt


Definition Of  Yougurt
Understanding Yoghurt is pasteurized milk fermented with certain bacteria (Streptococcus probiotic bacteria and probiotic bacteria lactobaccillus) so as to produce a sour taste and distinctive aroma. However, for people who do not like the taste of sour, yogurt variations can be made so much more enjoyable. Yogurt, milk is made through bacterial fermentation. Yoghurt can be made from any milk, including soy milk. But modern production is currently dominated by dairy cows.
B. The Content Contained in Yogurt
Yogurt is made up of two pieces of good bacteria that are beneficial to health, Lactobacillus bulgaricus and streptococcus Thermopillus. Aside from these bacteria, yogurt also contains vitamin B-complex, namely B1, B2, B3 and B6, and folic acid, pantothenic acid and biotin. Yogurt also contains minerals, such as calcium and phosphorus. Obviously the content is very good for human health.
C. Making Yoghurt
1. Boiling
2. Cooling
3. Inokulasi
4. Ripening
D. Things You Should Look For In Process
1. Cleanliness is a thing to be so we take note
2. Yogurt should not be exposed to sunlight.
3. There should not be placed in room temperature
E. Benefits of Yogurt
There are several opinions about the benefits of eating yogurt. on
Yoghurt can be categorized as one of the multifunctional food, foods that work to address the various diseases that can boost health and fitness. Some researchers have pointed out, consuming yogurt can lower blood cholesterol levels. Yoghurt contains a factor that can inhibit the synthesis of cholesterol that decreased cholesterol and prevent blood clots (asterosklerosis) causes coronary heart disease.
Additionally, yogurt is also beneficial for:
1) Increase growth
2) Set the digestive tract
3) Anticancer
4) Inhibiting the growth of pathogenic bacteria.
5) Anti diarrhea
6) Good for intestinal health.
7) Help cure gastrointestinal infections
      And many others.

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